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Tri-Peaks Hand

TriPeaks-Hand is our adaptation of a very popular and addictive Solitaire variation! We enjoy this game so much we just had to bring it to you, the Birdsoft way. The game features the great game of TriPeaks(Towers) with the custom table settings found in all Crazy Bird Card games. It also includes a high score system, allowing you to challenge yourself and your friends!!"

We bet you can't WIN just FIVE games!!

  • All New Graphics Engine based on GAPI and PocketFrog for Fast Addicting Action
  • Landscape Orientation
  • Customizable Table and Card Backs
  • Left or Right Handed Play
  • Complete High Score System
  • Sound
  • Last Move Undo (tap up card)
  • Advancing Levels of play
  • And More....


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Version History

Version 2.01 Changes - Feb. 09, 2006
  • Compatible with 2003-2005

Version 2.0 Changes
  • All New
  • Graphically Superior
  • Landscape Orientation
  • Multiple Levels of Play
  • Released February 11, 2004


Version 1.0 Changes
  • Original Version
  • Download still available Here.