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""I downloaded the trial version and I bought it after on sec! It's really what I needed! The perfect complement to Dashboard! I really hate the other one plugs filling up my today screen! This is really wonderful my systray! A big Grazie from Italy!:)" "
- Marco

""Syswatch works beautifully on my Ipaq 3835 - and is just what I've been looking for: a resource monitor that doesn't hog up the Today screen. The developer is super-responsive, really listens and incorporates user suggestions. BRAVO, Birdsoft!!!" - Willa

Pocket SysWatch

PocketSysWatch is a System tray utility allowing you to quickly tell how much battery life and memory you have left. Why waste valuable Today Screen space on a plugin when you can get the same kind of indicator by just looking at your System Tray (visible at bottom while on the Today Screen).

PocketSysWatch is great for those people who want the convenience of instant access to their Battery and Storage Information, but who also enjoy their Today Screen Themes, or just value what little today screen space that is available.

The program is fairly small and takes very few resources to run. All that and a price well below most of the competitors. Try it out...

  • Optionally Displays information on Main and Backup Battery, Program and Storage Memory, and a Storage Card.

  • Allows you to display a percentage next to each choice.

  • Will allow you to combine the Program and Storage Memory into one icon to save valuable system tray space.

  • Version 2.0 Icons now available in black and white!!

  • ...and now Version 2.02 Icons , The "Classic" look, with Bars!!

  • Screenshots

    Version History

    Version 2.05 Changes
    • Dell Axim X3 Power Settings support
    Version 2.04 Changes
    • Removed Older iPaq only Dll usage that caused two installs
    Version 2.03b Changes
    Version 2.03 Changes
    • Moved close to top of the menu
    • Fixed Power Link on Axims and newer iPaqs to jump to power settings page.
    Version 2.02 Changes
    • Help System
    • Fixed Menu Readout when Unknown Battery Percent
    • Shows Regular Icons when "combined" on Information Page
    • New Set of Icons, "Classic - Bar"
    • Install Fix for Expansion Pack Initialization Issues
    Version 2.01 Changes
    • show MB or % on Menu next to System Link (Power,Storage, Memory)
    • Expanded battery icon fixed for iPaq
    • Fixes in Storage Card configuring
    • Fixes in percent tapping
    • Close Button in Dialog if Menu skipped

    Version 2.0 Changes
    • Added 2 new sets of PPC2002/XP Icons(Black and White)
             -- Thx 4Am
    • Ability for monitoring a combination of up to 3 Storage cards
          and File Stores
    • Expanded Battery Monitoring
    • Power/Memory/Storage direct menu choice
    • Soft Reset Menu Choice
    • Ability to Skip Menu Completely
    • Shareware Password Registration
    • Numerous other fixes
    Version 1.01 Changes
    • Setup is Full Screen
    • Storage Card problem when split Memory Icon on
    • Saves Configuration when Dialog Closed
    • Doesn't allow all icons shut off
    • Allows option of jumping directly to setup screens when clicking on percent icon.
    1.01b - Fixes plug Icon when Online(unofficial release)