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"Very nice. I tried it and did a mock setup. The Wizard is really nice. I like the ease of use and the directions are very clear." - MadmanKinu

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PokerTimer is a program that allows you to manage the length of your Home Poker Tournaments. By controlling the antes and blinds you can effectively create level structures that will allow your tournaments to get over closer to when you want them to. Simply create and save custom blind structures, and run the timer to control the pace of your tournament. Designed with visibility and simplicity in mind when running a tournament.

Note: Windows Version not compatible with iOS version.

New Desktop Version 2.0 Out!

Try the Great New Features!!

Free Upgrade to current Users!

Get both the Pocket PC and Desktop Version with Purchase!

Note: Consider the amount of battery power needed to complete an entire tournament, and use accordingly. The program does not handle automatic shut-off or dimming of screen after an inactive period. It also does not handle Screensavers and power saving features on Desktop/Laptop systems. Simply disable these features yourself in order to utilize the system.

New Windows Mobile Pocket PC Version 1.10, featuring VGA support and plenty of new options. Windows Mobile 5 + 6 Compatible!

Pocket PC:
  • Custom Blind Structures - with File System
  • Structure editing while playing
  • Timer Pause
  • File compatibility with desktop level files
  • Audio and Visual Cues at Level Change
  • VGA, Landscape, and Square Screen Support
  • Manage all tournament aspects including:
    • Custom Blind Structures
    • Players with player database
    • Tables Seating and Balancing
    • Prize Structures
    • Rebuys/Add-Ons
    • Chips
  • Chip Color, Level, and Player/Table Displays
  • Tournament Setup Wizard
  • Table/Player adjustments with drag-n-drop
  • Complete File System with Import/Export of specific sections
  • Print Seating/Results Sheet
  • Audio and Visual Cues at Level Change
  • and more....
Note: Desktop and Pocket PC Version use the same Registration Code, so when you purchase either version, you get the other one free.


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Version History

Version 2.04 for Desktop - 2/6/2006

  • fixed bug, if added player after all seated
  • import levels clears previous first

    Version 2.03 for Desktop - 2/3/2006

  • "next Blind" option
  • No Balancing option
  • Re-seat Remaining Players
  • Table/Player initializing checks for seating/etc...
  • 2.03a doesnt show 'next' if break next or end

    Version 2.02 for Desktop - 1/18/2006

  • Prize Structure Add bug
  • updating edited levels for current round from dialogs fixed
  • Tourney length approximation tries to calc if change chips in general

    Version 2.01 for Desktop - 12/23/2005

  • Add-on Available Bug
  • prize structure adding/editing fixes
  • payout page showing ranges
  • 2nd add-on warning

    Version 2.0 for Desktop - 12/14/2005

  • ALL Chip, Table, prize, buy-in, rebuy/addon, seating, balancing, and player support
  • Tournament Wizard
  • Printing
  • Gradient Background and Color Setting
  • Pause on Level Change Option
  • and more...

    Version 1.1 for Pocket PC - 12/8/2005

  • WM2005 Compatible
  • VGA Support
  • Square Screen Support
  • Gradient Background and Color Setting
  • Pause on Level Change Option
  • White On Black Option
  • and more...

    Version 1.0 for Desktop

  • Released Apr 18, 2005

    Version 1.0

  • Released Jan 13, 2005