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Only $1.99


 iPhone / iPod Touch
2.0 OS or Better


"it is fantastic!!!!!! ... Seriously, this game is great! ...

In all, it is a great game that requires a good deal of thought and strategy. It is a good deal of fun in the short term and, I suspect, it will also have 'legs'."
- danc at

"dude -- your game rocks"
-Chris on an iPhone

"Poker Stacks lives up to this reputation…in spades. ...Extremely original gameplay ... Very nice graphics and animation ... Fantastic marriage between color matching and poker."
-Doug at JAMM

Poker Stacks

We have done it.. Its Alive.. Alive!!

Others have tried to combine Gem Swapping games like Bejeweled with Video Poker with very little success in the fun department. We have changed all that.

Poker Stacks is our first original Title for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Combining elements of Match Three type games like Trism and Bubbles with the great game of poker it offers challenging addictive gameplay.


  • All New Game and Graphics Engine and animations for Fast Addicting Action
  • Advancing levels of play with greater challenges
  • Save Game on Exit so can return to game in progress
  • Complete High Score System
  • Help Information
  • Sound
  • And More....


Version History

Version 1.01 - Submitted Dec. 15, 2008
  • 2 Game Modes with 2 difficulty levels
  • Better help with Poker Hand Cheat Sheet
  • New graphic and sound effects
  • Pause button
  • Lite Version

Version 1.0 - Submitted Dec. 1, 2008
  • First Version