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PokerSnitch is a new Hold Em Poker Hand Analysis tool. It allows you to quickly analyze what can improve a defined Poker Hand. It will also let you to run tests to simulate X number of hands being played with up to 4 predefined hands, showing you just what is a better hand in a given flop or just how bad the bad beat you took was.

Try it out today to improve your understanding of all of your Hold 'Em Poker Hands.

Buy now and get both the Pocket PC and Desktop version.

Note: This product is not intended for use in any type of Casino Atmosphere whether online or otherwise. It is intended only for Educational uses for Hold'Em players between games. Do not use this for illegal purposes as the developer will not be held responsible for any fraudulent activity.


  • Quickly Define and Run any Hold'Em hands for probability
  • Quickly Check any hand for Possible Outs


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Version History

Version 1.0
  • Released 2004