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"PokerHand is a deep Poker simulation title from Birdsoft. If you love Poker then this is your game. ..."

"The game follows real life Poker rules very accurately ... the menu and interface are very well laid out .... the graphics here are quite simple but still very attractive..."
-CornBread, PocketGamer

Five Stars - "Really easy to understand plus allows variations of poker to keep it interesting. Keeps me busy when I'm bored. Good game that is easy to play, only downfall is its addictive"
-Kurt from Wisconsin

Crazy Bird's PokerHand for Pocket PC

PokerHand is the top Poker Simulation for the Pocket PC. Featuring Eleven great poker variations including Hold 'Em, two versions of Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Six Card Stud, Five Card Stud, Shotgun, Five Card Draw, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, and Video Poker.

The game is one of the most customizable games available. Each of the computer players can be set up with names and one of 3 playing styles. Everything about the appearance of the table can be changed, including table skinning, where your own images can be used as the backdrop. Even how discards are handled is configurable for Video Poker.

A "most money won" high score system, game statistics, and complete help system round out this polished title. Try it Today!


  • Eleven Poker Games!!!
  • Great Game Play, with Adjustable AI for computer players
  • Adjustable Game Speed
  • High Score System
  • Custom Video Poker screen
  • Customizable Table settings including:
    • card backs, including new custom card backs(make your own)
    • player names
    • table color
    • background themes

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Version History

Version 1.76 Changes
  • Flush Logic Fixed
  • 1.76b more win Logic Fixed
  • 1.76c more win Logic Fixed
Version 1.75b Changes
  • Shotgun initially deals 3 cards
Version 1.75 Changes
  • Shotgun
  • Four Down Card Omaha
  • Six Card Stud
  • Game Statistics
  • Hide Down Cards
  • New Card Faces
  • Rule Changes
  • Play Logic Fixed
  • Win Logic Fixed
  • Other Cosmetic Enhancements
  • and more...
Version 1.55 Changes
  • Custom Card Backs
  • Two New Variations of Five Card Stud
  • New Game Setup tabbed dialog
  • Improved High Score Screen
  • Win Logic Fixed
  • and More...

1.50b - Fixes Spelling Error

Version 1.5 Changes
  • Let It Ride
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Custom Table Backgrounds(Use your own Images)
  • Faces on face Cards
  • Money/Comment/Name Color Setup
  • "Hold" Video Poker Selections
  • New Video Poker Screen
  • New Card Backs
  • New "Winner" Display
  • Seven Card Stud starts with 3 cards
  • Other General Fixes and Enhancements
Version 1.1 Changes
  • SOUND!!!
  • New Table Background
  • Bold Text Feature
  • New Card Backs
  • Discard Easier in Five Card Draw
  • Other Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Many other Logic and General Fixes
Version 1.04 Changes
  • Choice of Backgrounds for Video Poker
  • Background images for Poker
  • Other Cosmetic Enhancements
Version 1.03 Changes
  • Choice of 3 or 5 discards in Video Poker
  • Default to Normal Speed
  • Ability to Turn off or ignore High Score System
  • Some "Winner" logic fixed
  • No Tap Ahead
  • Other Cosmetic Enhancements
Version 1.02 Changes
  • New High Score System
  • Help Menu Item
  • New Game Menu Item
  • Repeated hands bug fix
  • Game Speed Setting
Version 1.01 Changes
  • New Fancy Video Poker Screen
  • Demo Updated
  • One small bug fix