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"Excellent program. *Well* worth the money."

"Nice, clean, effective, inexpensive list software."
-Steve from NY

"Nice, clean, effective, inexpensive list software."
-Steve from NY

Looking for a low-cost Checklist Application loaded with features? Interested in an attractive and yet intuitive interface? Well We hope you like what we have to offer you!

Listwatch features a refined user interface, Outlook compatibility, and full Import and Export capabilities. It supports the newest Technologies including Windows Mobile 5+ and VGA Screen Support.

We've spent hours of extra development on this application to get the interface just right, so you can keep track of your lists easily, the way it should be.

...And we've packed in tons of features found only in higher-end list packages, and still kept ListWatch at a low price.

So Check out ListWatch Now....See why a simple Checklist application can become one of your must-have applications for your Windows Mobile Device.

New Version 3.0!

  • Easy To Use Interface
    • Tree Design
    • Touchpad Navigation
    • Drag-n-Drop
    • Context Menus
    • Standardized Toolbars
  • Supports All the Latest Technologies
    • VGA Compatible - Brilliant!
    • Full WM5 Support
    • Full Landscape Support
    • Full Square Screen Support
  • Multiple List
  • Main Item Sub-Lists
  • Assign Icons
  • Import/Export of CSV Files
  • Quick Entry Toolbar
  • Outlook Compatibility
    • Access Tasks Directly
    • Import Tasks
    • Export To Tasks or Appointments
  • and More..

Use It For:

Use it for grocery and other Shopping Lists, Todo lists, Inventory, safety lists, surveys, and any other Checklist or task uses you may have. The possibilities are endless.

Version History

Version 3.0 - 12/5/2008
  • New Standard User Interface
  • Better One Handed Usage
  • Graphical Upgrades
  • WM5+ Only
  • Other small fixes

Version 2.02 - 1/16/2006 Installs - Desktop | CAB File
  • Move Lists Up/Down Menu Items
  • Move Item fixed in certain situations
  • List Expanding much better overall
  • Drag Task to Item to create sub-item
  • Quick Entry for sub-items and lists
  • Other small fixes

Version 2.01 - 12/19/2005
  • Move Items Up and Down
  • Context Menus have Icons
  • List opening correct on drag-n-drop
  • Remove sub item with '-' works on tree view

Version 2.0 - 12/7/2005
  • Sub-Lists
  • Outlook Task Folder(direct Access)
  • Drag-n-Drop
  • Context Sensitive Menus in Tree
  • New Icons
  • VGA, Landscape, Square Screen and WM2005 Support
  • Import Tasks as List (or with Drag-n-drop)
  • Use of Standard Toolbars
  • Quick Entry Toolbar
  • Numerous other fixes and enhancements

Version 1.01 Changes
  • Fixed problem when removing last list