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Windows Desktop(~1500K)


 Windows Desktop

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4 of 5 "...mostly impressive variation of Texas Hold 'Em .... the rest of the feature set is quite comprehensive, allowing you to change the card style, floor color, and table color; tweak the amount of blind bets; and set a timer. .... we think this application best suits more experienced poker fans..." official Review

All-In Hold 'Em for Desktop
Are you looking for a great game of Texas Hold 'Em for your Windows Desktop? Well look no further!

All-In Hold 'Em is the premiere desktop Texas Hold'Em simulation. It is a new breed of poker game, with superior AI and Graphics that ensure you the best Poker experience possible. It Features an array of customization options, real tournament play rules, a career mode, and hand hints and tips, we think you'll find that All-In offers a fun and challenging game of Texas Hold 'Em. You are not online and its all play money, so its an ideal game to learn and hone your skills with before hitting the real tables.

Do you dream of becoming the next great poker champion, just looking for a little poker fun, or do you just want to play better in your home game? Well get playing. Go All-In!!


  • Limit, Pot Limit, or NO LIMIT Play
  • Great New Poker Graphics Engine
    • The action is easier to follow
  • Tournament Play as seen on the WPT, WSOP, and Celebrity Poker.
  • High End Artificial Intelligence System
    • Now With Tilting and Tells
    • Ever Evolving System
  • Multiple Unique Animated Computer Players (Now at 24!)
    • Each play using one of 3 random styles of Play : Tight, Normal, and Loose.
  • Career Mode
    • Can you Play your way through the Crazy Bird Poker Circuit
    • Keep Track of Career Money and Stats
    • Multi-Table Tournament Action
  • Choice of Tournament length based on starting money
  • Ring Game Simulations
  • Starting Hand Tips
  • Customizable Table, Deck, and Background
  • Customizable Player Layout
  • Customizable Blinds
  • And more....


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Version History

Version 2.9- 5/8/2009
  • New Look and Feel
  • Big Table Layout
  • Many other fixes and enhancements

Version 2.1- 9/20/2005
  • All New Interface with Cards and Flop shown larger
  • Career Mode With Multi-Table Tournaments
  • 12 New Characters
  • Revamped AI
  • Much More...

Version 1.3
  • Released October 15, 2004