We Offer...

Check out our new iPhone Student Planner The Dog Ate It.

  • Professional iOS Organization

    Step up to better organization on your iPhone or iPad with our line of planning and calendaring apps.

    Extreme Agenda is our flagship product representing years of development to give you a full featured integrated product with calendar, contacts, tasks, lists, and notes.

    Or check out The Grid for a more minimalist calendar but with powerful features and the ability to step up to add weather and integrated reminders.

  • Top Notch iOS Poker

    We started with a passion for poker and have turned that passion into popular products for your iOS devices.

    We have spent years updating our poker engine and it's AI and showcase it in All-In Poker with the most poker variations available on the AppStore.

    And we run a lot of tournaments and know just what was needed in a simple poker blinds timer. PokerTimer is clear and concise and has become the most popular blinds clock on the AppStore.

  • Custom and Enterprise Development

    Leverage our experience in the market to create your next iPhone or iPad application.

    No need to be intimidated. We are a small shop that has worked on some small and some very big projects. Let us leverage our code base, connections, and experience to create what you want affordably.

    Find out more here.